Friday, June 4, 2010

award for zety : )

hai hai kawan kawan yg aku sayangi
entri kali nh dr cik zety yek. thnks zety send this award for me.liked bebeh.
okey okey i do my homework from zety k
let's see dear.

i .Thank and link the person that give you the award.
cik zety @ diari hati cik zety

ii.pass this award into 15 blogger's you've recently discoved and think are fantastic
wahwah ramainyer pai 15 owg x larat kot nk ingt amai ngat kowt wakakawkakaka, i give u 5 person jek k.hukhuk this person fantastic kowt.wargghh i liked their blog mey.
1. zeeka
2. kday
3.xara on herself syndrome
4. yana

iii. contact said blogs and let then know they've won the award.
owhhh all ready DONE

iv. state 7 things about YOURSELF
dramatic person
like vacation and crazy to do this hobby
fanatic wth piano
love people tht care to me
red . white . black

okey okey da siap . SILA buat ek KAWAN KAWAN.

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