Monday, November 22, 2010


1. What is your name ?
Noorshafiyah Abd Rasid

2. Your nickname ?
the fia / fia

3. How old are u ?
20 years old lorh

4. Single or taken ?
taken by Sharul Azwa Zainal

5. Your fav colour ?

6. When is the last time u cried ?
1 day before eid qurban

7. 3 things u love doing when stressed/emo ?
crying/ silent / editing / listening something

8. 3 things u wish could happen ?
hope success in my study, my relationship, my life etc..

9. Do u wear make up ?
yup, sometime such as class, dating and etc..

10. What are those ?
miyami powder,mac eyeshadow cream,baby blue blusher,mac eyeliner maybelline mascara,maybelline lip gloss etc..

11. What are your fav shoes ?
high heel, and pump shoes

12. Your forever love brands ?

13. Your all time fav song ?
R&B song's

14. Which boy band u are crazy to ?
tah semue jek kowt~

15. If you had a chance to pick a celebrity to be your boyfriend, who will it be?
hujan kowt.haha

16. Why ?
like noh hujan oke

17. What can be found in your handbag ?
everything such make up and etc..

18. Do u think u are beautiful ?
AHAAAA.. people say : cumil

19. Are u proud to be a girl ?
OFCOURSE . thx God

20. Tell me why

21. For you, what value should a ‘girl’ have, to be a beautiful girl?
sopan santun, knowledge yg banyak, peribadi yg bersih

21. Tag to :
ambek la kepade sesape nk ambek.haha!

DONE ! thx umie

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