Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Your Tiny Surgeon


Maggots have been used for centuries to help heal wounds, especially by military surgeons who noted that soldiers whose wounds became infested with maggots healed better. The beneficial effects of therapeutic maggots were first observed since the Malay ancient times which noted that Malay warriors whose wounds had become infested had an improved prognosis. When novel surgical techniques and antibiotics were discovered during second world war, maggot debridement therapy (MDT) moved into the background. 

Medicinal maggots (sterilized larvae of the green bottle fly Lucilia sericata that do not reproduce nor feed on live tissue) work as biochemical debriding agents. They ingest bacteria and degrade them in their intestinal tract. They also produce an enzyme that disinfects the wound, dissolves necrotic tissue, and stimulate wound healing. Medicinal maggots are now being used against a wide spectrum of wounds and are proving to be effective any other multi resistant microorganisms. They also appear to be more cost effective than other methods of wound healing

Medical fly

p/s : sgt indah kuase tuhan kan? sampaikan seekor ulat yg kecil boleh menyembuhkan penyakit owg yg menghidap diabetik. hum aku tgk dgn mate kepale aku yang treatment nh sgt sgt sgt bagus and terbukti boleh mnyembuhkan penyakit diabetik . aku sendiri da penah tgk mcm mane doktr masokkn ulat and kuarkan ulat tue, and yang paling best aku dpt kutip ulat uh.. siyesy sgt geli tapi ini lah kuasa tuhan. pade yang ade mak bapak sedare mara yang mnghidap sakit diabetik (kecing manis) yang tahap kronik siyes aku syorkan kowang try treatment nh. dari kaki/ tgn kite di potong apeslhnya kite gunekan treatment yg ade, ia tak menyakitkan malah membantu. lau kowang ade yang berminat bgitahu mane tahu aku leh tolong tuk dptkan treatment nh. huhu :)

motif : just nak share tuk information mane yang tak tahu pasal maggot therapy :)

Thanks for your time & reading my blog 

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